Protecting your home and business with an ABC fire extinguisher

There are so many reasons why protecting oneself is very important in the home and the business especially against fire. There are so many types of fire extinguishers on the market designed specifically for special purposes. All these fire extinguishers make sure your home is protected against all fire types. Whenever you buy a fire extinguisher, there are letters marked on their side. You will either see A, B, C, AB, BC, AC or ABC. All these letters means something. Fire outbreaks are grouped into three categories which are the A, B and C. so, whenever you buy a fire extinguisher, it will be best if you checked for the letters.
ABC Aluminum3 300x300 Protecting your home and business with an ABC fire extinguisherAn ABC fire extinguisher is an extinguisher that has the license to perform and to quench all fire types. Instead of buying a fire extinguisher that performs just one type of fire extinguishing service, it will be best to buy one that has at least two fire extinguishing uses or all three. Fire extinguishers are very important in all sectors of our life, in our homes and our businesses even on our streets. They help to ensure that there are no damages caused by fires that can go a long way to cause the lives of men and women.

All different types of fires need different ways to get rid of them. This is why having an ABC fire extinguisher will place you in a great position to have a 3 in 1 power fire extinguishing tool to fight against all types of fire. This way, you will not need to worry about the type of fire extinguisher you are taking when there is a fire outbreak. Where fire A types are concerned, you will find them mostly in foam types and are considered best for fires involving wood, coal, paper, etc. Fire B types include fires that are caused due to oil, petrol, spirits, etc excluding oils used for cooking where C fires are mostly for flammable gases. There is also the K fire type which is concerned where cooking oils and other fires in the kitchen are concerned.

When you research more into fire extinguishers before you buy, you will learn that; most of the ABC extinguishers for fire are dry chemical types. Also, most of them almost have ammonium phosphate included in them. There are so many precautions that need to be taken when using this type of fire extinguishers because; using them wrongly can cause you so many problems. When you have foam fire extinguisher types, you can use them effectively for type A and B fire outbreaks but not for type C.

There is no way you should tackle a fire outbreak on your own. If the outbreak occurs in your kitchen, make sure you make other members of the family aware some way or make sure you do not get burnt in the process. Also, make sure you do not allow fire to spread and become very wide before you do anything about it. Try very hard to try controlling it from the beginning.

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